Nov 12: Pedagogy panel

Kunio Hara, chair

  • John Robison (University of South Florida) , Teaching Global East Asia in the Western Art Music Curriculum
  • Amanda Hsieh (Chinese University of Hong Kong), Recuperation Through Archival Training: Western Art Music History and the Disposability of Asian Bodies

Nov 20: Circulations and Competitions: New Perspectives on Music and Cold War East Asia 

Marysol Quevedo (University of Miami), Hannah Hyun Kyong Chang (University of Sheffield), co-chairs 

(Program committee:Hannah Chang, co-chair; Marysol Quevedo, co-chair; Shen Diau Long; Gabrielle Cornish)

Papers by: 

  • David Wilson (University of Chicago), Coming in from the Cold: Complicating Global Cold War Narratives through Chinese Revolutionary Ballet
  • Hee-Sun Kim (Kookmin University), International Competition between Traditional Performing Arts of the Two Koreas in the Global Cold War Context
  • Stephen Johnson (Eastman School of Music), The Dear Leader’s Tales: Reconsidering the Work-Concept for Revolutionary Opera